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Do you need help with making your song sound the way you hear it in your head?

Alex can help!

With a wide selection of instruments, synthesizers, software, equipment, and of course, over 15 years of experience as a composer and recording/touring artist, I can get you that sound you're looking for.

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Photo by Stan Ev

Do you hear your favorite song and want your guitar recording to sound just like it?

You know you can play well, but the sound just isn't the same?

You probably need your guitar recording to be reamped.

Alex can help with that!

You don't need several thousand dollar amplifiers to get that sound!

If you send your raw (direct input) recording to Alex, he can run it through just about any amp simulator and get you the sound you're looking for!


Need a drum beat added to your song?

You have some programmed drums already made, but they just don't sound convincing?

Alex can do that!

Whether you need drums, keyboards, strings, piano, brass, woodwinds, synthesizers, guitars, bass, or even sound effects, Alex has the right tools and skill-set for the job!

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You know how when you listen to your favorite songs, there's always that "something extra" that just seems to make it special?


That's usually because, among other things, a producer was involved, and helped to push the song to the next level.

Don't let your music fall short of having that "something special!"

Your creation deserves to get all of the best final touches it can.


Push your song to the next level!

With a wide variety of instruments at his disposal,

Alex can help you to do this!



to tell me about your project, and to get a quote for Alex Repetti's Music & Audio Services.

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