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Do you have a podcast or music recording that you need to get edited before you can share it with the world?


Well look no further!

Alex Repetti has many years of audio editing experience that include full length albums released on record labels, individual songs, and podcasts that are up to several hours long!

Sound Waves

If you are a content creator for any multimedia digital platforms, chances are, you have some audio/sound in your content. You might have a great video recording, but if the sound isn't as good as it could be, then your content isn't going to be perceived as a professional product as much as it deserves to be.


This is where an audio editor comes in!


You might not be able to put your finger on exactly why your podcast just doesn't sound as "pro" as the ones you hear on Spotify or YouTube. There are all kinds of things that can contribute to this.

Sometimes it can be unwanted background noise, or a lot of loud/harsh breathing sounds getting into the microphone, or wide volume changes that leave the listener constantly having to turn the volume up and down as they listen.

Do you find it very annoying when you, as a listener or viewer, have to keep adjusting the volume up and down, and maybe even turn it off because you don't have the patience to have to keep changing it?


You're not alone!


Don't let your content get lumped into this black hole!


You have quality content, and it deserves to be presented the best that it can!


Alex can help you with all of this, and more!


Make sure that your content doesn't have unwanted noise and sounds, that the volume is consistent, and that everything is crystal clear, audible, and intelligible.


Let people enjoy your content the way you meant for them to!


Having good sound goes a long way toward people enjoying your content, and coming back for more!

Whether you have a:

  • podcast

  • YouTube channel

  • commercial

  • song

  • audio book

...or anything with sound in it,

the benefits of audio editing are huge!


CLICK HERE to contact Alex to discuss your project and get a quote.

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