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"Alex Repetti's mixing prowess has far exceeded my expectations, not only through workflow and efficiency but also within the final product itself. Being able to sit down and work consistently to generate the sound I'm looking to hear is nothing short of amazing. The work done on the "Penumbra" and "The Last Judgement" albums has been stellar and only getting better with each passing project. Seeing and hearing his other work with other artists shows he is also not a one-trick pony and can tackle even the most niche of genres in the music world. Frankly, I can only ever consider Alex for any/all mixing projects in the future."

-Ciegeworks Audio

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"Alex took my musical vision to a level that I never could have imagined. It’s one thing to have all of your instruments and tones figured out. Putting everything together is a different story. Alex brings technical prowess and years of theoretical study to the table, which makes the partnership all the more rewarding. You want to make good music. That’s the end goal, and Alex provided top-notch of service and attention to detail you won’t find in other places."

-Nicky P and The Crutches

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"Alex Repetti did an excellent job mixing my bands debut album. He works quickly and efficiently. He offers great suggestions and is a pleasure to work with. So much so I will continue to work with him in the future. Very reasonable as well. Want to take your music to the next level? Definitely give Alex a try and let him work his magic. 100% recommended."

-Wayne Noone (Project Resurrect / Rat Salad Review podcast)


"I’ve worked with Alex Repetti for over 14 years. In my experience, he is an incredibly detail oriented musician, producer and engineer! As a person, he is focused and committed to finishing each project he begins. It’s a pleasure to call him a bandmate and friend."

- Alex Raykin (Infinite Spectrum / Thriving Rockstar Podcast)

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