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Alex Repetti offers private, one-on-one lessons for guitar, bass and music theory.

Lesson are available over Zoom/Skype/Google Hangouts/Facebook Messenger & Facetime.

If you live in the New York City area, lessons may be available in person upon request.

CLICK HERE to reach out to Alex for more details.

"Alex Repetti was an awesome bass teacher - he customized lessons according to my needs, provided tools & exercises to vastly increase my playing ability, and helped me learn to write my own music. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for lessons."

 -Jeremy Trapani

No matter what your current level of playing is, there is always a benefit to taking lessons.


There's always something to learn or improve on!

If you are just starting out, it's very important and beneficial to get guidance from a professional early on so that you don't develop bad habits that could take years to unlearn, or cause you repetitive use injuries.

Alex can help to make sure that you are learning proper technique from day one!

The sooner you are using proper technique, the more effective your practice time will be, and you will see good results without any risk of injury.

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Alex is a professional musician that has over 15 years of experience in the music world that include touring North America,  and has a BA in Music and Philosophy.

Alex is endorsed by Beardly Customs, iGig Cases and DSMNoisemaker.

Lessons can cover a wide range of topics including technique, learning specific songs, songwriting, improvisation, ear training, music theory, speed building, how to play chords, and anything else music related.

Alex has a very flexible approach. There is no rigid learning program here. Whether you want to become a professional musician, music theory enthusiast, songwriter, or just want to learn some of your favorite songs, your lessons will be tailored to your preferences and goals.

It's important for music (and lessons) to be fun!

If you've been playing for many years, you can still benefit from taking lessons just as much as someone who is just starting to learn how to play!

Often people who are self taught find themselves getting stuck at speed barriers, or have gaps in their knowledge of music theory, or how to use certain techniques.

Alex can help to pinpoint exactly where those gaps may be, and get you back on track to being the amazing performer you have the potential to be!


CLICK HERE to reach out to Alex for more details.

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