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Alex has been audio engineering and mixing for many years. If you are looking for someone to really capture the sound of your song that you're hearing in your head, look no further! Alex can help you realize the potential of your song's recording!

cubase session

"Alex took my musical vision to a level that I never could have imagined. It’s one thing to have all of your instruments and tones figured out. Putting everything together is a different story. Alex brings technical prowess and years of theoretical study to the table, which makes the partnership all the more rewarding. You want to make good music. That’s the end goal, and Alex provided top-notch of service and attention to detail you won’t find in other places."

-Nick Pollutri


Did you spend months, or even years, writing and practicing your songs, and then finally got to record them, only to find that the recording just doesn't seem to sound the way you hear it in your head? Do you listen to your recording, and wonder why it doesn't have the same energy or attitude that it does when you're playing it? Chances are, you need a mixing engineer to take your recordings, and treat them in a way that brings out all of the energy and details that you put into your songwriting and performance.


Are you worried that because you can't afford tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, that you shouldn't even bother trying to professionally release your song?

Throw that worry away! With today's technology, and the help of a professional audio/mixing engineer, you can make your home (or lower budget) recordings sound great!


Alex has a huge library of plug-ins and software, as well as analogue equipment. With years of experience and practice, and the right tools for the job, your song can go from sounding like a demo/home recording, to a clean, crisp, powerful and professional-sounding song!

CLICK HERE to contact Alex to discuss your project and get a quote.

Need more convincing?

Listen to some of Alex's mix portfolio:

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